Saturday, June 4, 2011

Human Being Creative

Today I think I am starting a new posts series by introducing: "Human Being Creative". From time to time I will share stuff that insanely creative people make, preferable about crocheting, knitting, embroidery and sewing!

This post is about Penelopy from Fashion Architect that took part in a project named: "Kiehl’s Friends Create for a Cause" and she came with two creative tote's designs. The project has ecological purposes, as that for each bag the nine participants-artists created, there will be a donation of 100 euro to the realization of an ecological workshop for children living downtown.
 Penelopy is an architect and a well known fashion blogger, that chose sewing and embroidery for her creations.
(all photo credits goes to FashionArchitect blog)

                                                                     embroidery ...


and tadA! 

Imagine the lucky people that won one of those! 
Also, check the post of making of at Fashion Architect

lovely?! I am definitely in love!
marietta ♥

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