Sunday, November 6, 2011


Long time no see!
Since my life is a work in progress, balancing between courses and searching for a real job, I didn't manage to write a proper post till now! That's why I decided it's the perfect timing to blog about our yarn projects in progress! Let me tell you, that Double Crochets are on a crochet/knitting fever... it must be the chilly weather! Even though our time is little, we manage to crochet in our lovely strange places (buses, bus stops, the metro, anywhere).
I am about to finish a granny square blanket, while at the same time I am crocheting a secret gift (can't reveal it,sorry), and planning to start this week a v-neck sweater for my boyfriend. Panagiota is knitting a sweet bolero on the cutest shade of olive green (using circular needles), and already planning to start something new. In the meanwhile our crochet club members are all working on scarves, cowls, tobacco cases and more! How awesome is that?!

Here are some photos of my blanket:

Granny squares, you can never have too many of them! More! Mooore!

Here is the link to a program my dad made to generate the possible color combos for granny squares!! It's not totally finished yet, but we are working on it. (I am posting about is soon). You can also check my progress on Ravelry, or search for some awesome free patterns. (add me if you have an account there). This is the pattern I've used for the granny squares, with this yarn and a 3.5 crochet hook, and this is the pattern I am planning to use for the v-neck sweater (giggles of happiness). The sleeveless sweater will be my first "wearable" thing to crochet and I am really really, rrreeelly excited!

so I have to leave you now, to get back to my granny squares! Hoping that everyone is having a sweet lazy Sunday, and wishing courage and strength for the week to come.
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  1. I love the program, are you going to write about it again? I was looking for something like that when I started making my blanket.

  2. I am posting about it soon!! :D Glad you like it!!!



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