Tuesday, January 10, 2012

we want you to meet...

..."yarn lovin afternoons"!! It's our new project! But first thing first, let me give you the whole picture:  Panagiota and I, were really busy on December, and we took an unplanned break from the blog and the crochet club. Then the Christmas arrived and we were super happy, had so much fun and we relaxed (just a tiny bit), everything felt right, and it just might be the new plans that were on the way! And one fine Christmassy afternoon we met Theia! (in greek means aunt) and we decided to collaborate to bring some really cool people together and turn them into a group of cool yarn lovin people! hehehe.

So once a week, on Saturdays around 17.30, till early March, we will be meeting at Theia lab and we will be holding crochet lessons full of information and stuff that would give any crafty human being, yarngasms!! Sounds exciting? We knoooow! If you want to learn more on how the "Yarn Lovin Afternoons" lessons will evolve just come and visit us at Theia lab!
here are some images of this aha-mazing place:
(all photo credits go to Theia)

so who's Theia!? Theia is a creative fashion brand that creates mostly corsets. Behind this fashion brand we met two girls, Thodora and Aliki! The members of Theia also run the Theia Lab, which is some kind of a school for sewing, pattern-cutting and other fashion-related topics (like our beloved crochet!).
   Me and Panagiota will be there welcoming you, every Saturday, starting this Saturday the 14th of the lovely January of 2012, till early March. So stay tuned, cool stuff is on the way (we are planning a lot on more projects, too). And speaking of planning, our New Year's Resolution is coming up...  Did you write any goals for the 2012, down?

kiss kiss with little sounds of excitement
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    Oh lala, πέρασε ο καιρός ε; Όπως θα ταν αναμενόμενο, έχουν γίνει άπειρα πράγματα από τον Οκτώβρη -που βλέπω εδώ ότι ανανέωσα για τελευτ...