Friday, May 4, 2012

1st of May

   Spring is all around! May Day is the official spring day, and a special day for me, because it's my birthday! Last year, on the first of May we started a little bitty tradition with Panagiota. Did you notice the previous happy birthday post that Panagiota did for me? this lovely portrait of mine was shot exactly one year earlier on May Day of 2011 :) So, last year we did a photo shoot around our neighbourhood, trying to discover places that were pretty, yet abandoned or misunderstood! And this year we went for our traditional photo shoot at a park near by, that we haven't taken advantage of , at all. It was fun!

We headed to the park, as it was pretty hot. There were a loooot of people at the park enjoying the day, there were families having picnics, and little children playing around, petting the ducks of the pond and some riding the horses. Later on, Dimi joined our company (you can spot her with the nyan cat...) .

We actually did a coffee-picnic, if there is such thing! cause we have eaten already. Panagiota surprised me with a birthday cake and I blew the candles. We snapped some more photos and then it was flower picking time! We also made a May Day wreath with wild flowers!! Of course there was some crocheting, too. Panagiota made some white crocheted flowers and Dimi had brought some scraps for a new necklace she's making.

we did some stupid crazy things and shot some crazy photos and laughed sooo hard that I was crying most of the time. We left the park around 9 o'clock in the evening, just about the time it gets dark. We got back home, ate pizzas and watched tv, then everybody went to sleep with a full heart and tired legs! 
That was pretty much how I turned 26! it seems it will be a lovely age! 
What did you do for May Day? 

marietta ♥

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