Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Photo Review: KiP in Athens 2012

we love picnics, we do!
For the second year in a row we organised a picnic to celebrate the Knitting/Crocheting in Public Day (KiP Day) in Athens. We did it last year, and we wouldn't miss this year's!

 The place was the same, the Park of Freedom (near the Music House in Athens), same time, too, but almost different people! We had some regulars and some guest stars!

 Eleni, a member of our crochet team from last years, Artemis, a fellow crocheter and knitter, Dimi, also a member of our crochet club, Fotini, Eleana and Vicky who don't crochet but we love them equally, Panagiotis and Orestis (our brother and his amazing friend who both learned how to knit at last year's Kip) and finally unexpectedly Tasos arrived to surprise me and complete our company at this Kip!

We mostly crocheted, except Panagiotis who started knitting a cowl, Orestis, Fotini and Vicky learned how to make a chain, (basic crochet stitch). Artemis started a crocheted blouse with the bestest sand colored yarn, I was making some bows for our shop, Dimi was crocheting a gift and Panagiota was interrupting her work by blowing bubbles in the wind!

and we had some really good time! Vicky brought me the most amazing gift ever,  some purple alpaca yarn from Switzerland!! I was smitten! look at this amazing shade....
Still in search of a magnificent project for this yarn!

with a small delay, these are finally the photos that document what happened on the 16th of June 2012, to celebrate the international Knitting and Crocheting in Public day, by the Double Crochets!

so bye bye and thanks to everybody that showed up!
big kiss
Marietta and Panagiota

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