Thursday, December 6, 2012

The story of a thrifted rug

You might have notice my name on the tab bar, and you might have clicked it, and if you did, you 've seen my personal blog, and lately I've posted over there a photo of this beautiful rug. 

Well it's a hot pink and blue textile of two woven pieces joined , with a crocheted trim edge of the same color and yarn. It was thrifted about a year ago, washed and forgotten. I was pretty happy when we found it, it was not in perfect condition, but I liked it. The crocheted edge was teared in some places, but I thought if it could not be fixed, it would be removed! 

but! I came across it, last week, while tiding my room up, only to find that it had some big deal of problems a) the crocheted edge got worse and b) the whole texture started shedding (yarns fall apart). It seems like that this hot fluo pink yarn was too old and worn out, while the blue one and the beige base didn't have a problem at all. Sorry for the heart aching photos to follow! :(

what a pity! I had to give it away. But I took some pictures of it, cause it's pretty, with a pretty amazing pattern and inspiring. Don't you think? I may crochet a blanket inspired by this poor rug. 

it would be perfect for a couch spread, or for a bench cover.but now it's gone, one more reason to go thrifting again, to overcome its loss, hahaha! I'm a keeper, I don't throw away stuff so easily, but this was an exception! What about you, have you ever experienced something similar? Do you throw away stuff you've thrifted that gone bad?



  1. What a sweet little rug :)


    1. thank you Sabrina! Its colorway is amazing...!

  2. Hi. I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for following my blog, but I am now going to delete in over the next could of months as I am blogging over at a new URL. Please feel free to stop by at THE ANCHORED IVY.

    Thanks, and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

    PS. that little rug is cute. I love the scalloped crochet edges, i hope you get to fix them.

    1. Thanks for letting us know your new adress! We definitelly following the new one. Wish you a year full of creative and amazing blog posts!

      Happy New Year

    2. oh and about the rug, unfortunately I had to throw it away, it was sheding way too much!



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