Thursday, January 31, 2013

liebster award

We have been nominated by Tracy of "Crochet Happy" (thank you!) with the Liebster award! We haven't done this before, but since it's a way to socialize with our friend bloggers....!

it seems that the rules are simple:
  • The Liebster Award is passed from blogger to blogger. 
  • It starts with us revealing 11 Random Bits of information about ourselves. 
  • Then we have to answer a series of 11 questions set up for us by Tracy. 
  • Next we create 11 questions of our own and nominate 11 blogs, with 300 followers or less, for the award.

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long post ahead!!!! 

soooo 11 random bits about us:
  1. we are sisters (dah)
  2. Marietta is a year older than Panagiota
  3. untill the age of 11 we didn't had a tv at home! and we don't own one now either...
  4. our grandmother was a knitter, marietta's godmother was a fanatic crocheter and knitter, our aunt is a crocheter (and sometimes a DC's contributor), our mom has knitted some sweaters in the past and knows the basics of crochet, our dad is an expert on untangling yarn, our younger brother knows the basics of knit and crochet, our older brother has often, bought us hooks and yarn and crochet books as gifts. (it's in the family) 
  5. we have a relatively big and messy stash
  6. the latest addition to our hooks and needles collection was a no20 crochet hook and a pair of no20 needles (for crocheting/knitting rope? huuuge)
  7. we have a huge drawer with works in progress (both crochet and knit)
  8. we both plan to move out of Athens at some point.
  9. we used to have a Crochet Club , but since we both plan to move out of Athens we are dreaming of developing two "sisters" Crochet Clubs (imagine that!)
  10.  we have to thank "the last minute" cause, as it was read somewhere, if there wasn't "the last minute" a lot of stuff wouldn't have happened....! 
  11. our mom is our mentor and in her color expertise we trust! 

and now let's answer to Tracy's questions.

  • Who inspired your love of crochet? Panagiota thinks it was something that came gradualy, we've been raised in a family of crafters and it is the love for handmade and crafts that lead us to rediscover crochet and knitting as a true love! But Marietta has to admit that she was making fun of Panagiota about 5 years ago while she was knitting....little did she know that she would fell for the same hobby. 
  • Do you prefer natural fibers or acrylics?We prefer to use natural fabrics with a mix of acrylic, in our products. But we love good quality acrylics though! When it comes to washing them, they are really easy going (hallo washing machine). However always a good natural fiber (alpaca, linen, merino) makes our fingers itching to crochet!!! Both, natural and acrylics, have several interesting textures, and it is amazing that we have sooo many options.. Panagiota also beleive's it's better to work with acrylics when teaching newbies 
  • Do you offer your crochet works for sale or adorn your friends in free fibery goodness?
    oth! We started out by gifting everything! it was really nice and then somebody told us "why don't you sell them?"  So now we offer our works for sale, and it's in our future plans to start an online shop. But of course, we still give a lot of handmade crochet and knitted gifts to friends and family.
  • Do you follow other blogs? Yes we do, it is very important for us to keep up with the blogging community. It's really interesting and inspiring. You can check some of our favorite blogs on our Daily Reads page.
  • How do you follow other blogs.. by RSS feeds, email or blog readers?
    With bookmarks, bloglovin and blogger's feed. Marietta used to use RSS feeds but at that time the number of blogs she followed increased way too much and it was overwhelming to catch with everybody up. Nowadays oddly enough, we mostly remember our favorites and just write their url adress on our browsers. 
  • Do you follow patterns "to the letter" or approach them more as "guidelines"?
    Well somekind of both, some well written patterns are ok to follow to the letter, but when something is not so well explained we like to do "our things". It's not uncommon thing that we change a pattern a lot.
  • Nightowl or Morning person?
    While Marietta is more of a nightowl, Panagiota is a morning person.
  • Books or Nooks? (if you don't know the difference, pick the first option)
    For Marietta is mostly books, but nooks are pretty fine!!! For Panagiota is d
    efinatelly books, she is a book lover, she likes to hold them, touch them, smell them, it's not just about the story but the whole book, the cover, the pages everything.
  • Would you rather have a Steak Dinner or a Lobster Fest?
    nom nom, anything that is well prepared and well served. 
  • Do you like to challenge yourself with difficult projects or work a lot of quick and fast items?
    We are both lovers of challenges but we always like a quick and fast item with a nice outcome. When we worked with teams we strongly adviced them to start with  little projects so that they had more courage to take up to a big and difficult project as they learned more.
  • How often do you visit the yarn store? Once a week? Once a month?
    Once a month :) but we could live in there...  

  • ric rac via pugly pixel

    and here are our 11 questions:

    • What relaxes you most, after a busy day?
    • Who is your favorite artist?
    • Who is your favorite person?
    • Why do you have a blog?
    • Why do you think people visit your blog!?
    • What is or what was your dream job?
    • Do you ever feel like your job is getting too much into your hobbies' field? and if yes, bother or love?
    • Photography is extremely important when blogging, how often do you carry your camera with you?
    • Does fashion affects the way you blog? or you prefer to keep on your personal style?
    • Tell us 5 stuff that describes you best!
    • Which magical power you have? or would like to have....

    and here are the ones we nominate:

    *Vivika at The Wandering Deer
    *Cristina at  Karmology Clinic
    *Kalipso at A Be Ba Blog
    *Margarita and Eirini at Fashion Reactor
    *Marielle at Magical Day Dream
    *Chryssa at A Dog's Dream
    *Bexx at Anchored Ivy

    so that was it


    1. Thank you so much for nominating me! And great questions! I carry my camera with me about all the time, especially when I think something cool might happen, but also to regular events. And my dream job.. that's something I am trying to figure out at the moment ;)



      1. hehe, thanks for stopping by
        Congrats for your diploma!! and wish you *!good luck!* in finding your path. I'm also there searching ! ♥ sometimes it seems like that I'll always be searching(more or less), and sometimes I don't bother that it seems like that.



        Oh lala, πέρασε ο καιρός ε; Όπως θα ταν αναμενόμενο, έχουν γίνει άπειρα πράγματα από τον Οκτώβρη -που βλέπω εδώ ότι ανανέωσα για τελευτ...