Monday, May 20, 2013

Photo Review: lately

Only few days ago ended the two week holiday break, that we had, and like I've been expected, the days flew faster than the wind.

washed ashore skulls, I just love them

Of course there are more photos, with traditional Greek Easter scenery and some celebration cakes (shhh secrets), but these above are my favorite ones that remind me of my relaxing time. I'm probably having an artist's block for a while now, while trying to maintain calmness in the craze of my weeks that keep flying away, but hopefully creativity will find its way to my door :)
have a nice week



    Oh lala, πέρασε ο καιρός ε; Όπως θα ταν αναμενόμενο, έχουν γίνει άπειρα πράγματα από τον Οκτώβρη -που βλέπω εδώ ότι ανανέωσα για τελευτ...