Saturday, May 11, 2013

Some thoughts on the blog

A lot are about to change in Double Crochets' (aka Marietta and Panagiota) lives. We have some extra huge news to share (not just yet), and until then it might would be a good idea to share some of my thoughts on the Double Crochets' blog. What should it happen to it?

Apparently it will change, and probably you'll be seeing more of my stuff , and by that I mean ,even more of my lifestyle, personal interests, hobbies, photography, etc. I will always love to crochet, and there is no intent on stopping doing that although I find myself nowadays sewing and drawing more, and longing to share more of my personal stuff and photography work. One thought was to start a new blog under my name, but it turned out I couldn't keep up with both blogs. So it seems only fair to me that I should share them here! I felt a little guilty posting non-crochet content on Double Crochets, but then it would end up to be abandoned for a long time, so in one hand I have this blog and on the other my longing to why not blogging after all?
 It won't be just crocheting , and maybe that's just fine!

 It doesn't mean that you won't be hearing from Panagiota! But for now, until everything is settled down, it will be mostly me keeping up with the Double Crochets's blog, etsy shop, facebook, orders etc.

so what's your opinion?
would you mind reading about arts and crafts , other than crochet?

see you around
Marietta ♥

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