Monday, May 27, 2013

Spray Paint

Here I am with something different today!
As a part of a project for my school (which is soon coming to an end!) I had to do some stencils. And of course I couldn't help but to use some stenciled letters to write Double Crochets! I had this fucsia fluo spray paint, since forever, and lucky me it was still usable.

 ^^ the "S" was missing somewhere  :P  so at first it was double crochet ^^
 ^^ I also used a piece of broderie cotton lace to produce this special stencil effect
 ^^ later on I used a black marker to outline the letters (and to add the "S" and the yarn ball)
 ^^ laying dry stencils and a pine cone I decided to paint...

now I can't wait to experiment with more lacy stuff and spray. Oh and I also advice you to use gloves while spray painting (guilty fluo fucsia hands)
/marietta ♥

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