Saturday, November 9, 2013

100th post!!!!

Hi! This is the 100th post of Double Crochets blog!! hell yeah! omg! :) Today I am attending a new paper related seminar with the same conductor as the previous, Georgia Gremouti. Do you remember that post, on a paper folding seminar I attended earlier this year!? Well here are the rest of the photos from the 1st seminar!

We all folded a lot of paper!! But the purpose was to create a fashion accessory, so after lots of brainstorming and ideas...
These were some printed, brain scans, I've found in the garbage 5 years ago ... (I am a hoarder :S )

I made this ear cuff
This craft paper was folded and painted by me, also :) 

And I also created this bracelet by an encyclopedia page, it was from the letter "A"

Here are the creations of the team! 

As I look at these photos I am thinking about creativity and the power a team has. I miss that!
In addition to this whole lovely experience, I was happy to find myself using a lot of previous knowledge and materials to this workshop, like old papers I've been gathering since forever, my interest in origami, and the 1000 paper cranes project I've once started (and never finished), my love for pleats that was grown in my fashion pattern making course.. and more.

It felt like there is some puzzle trying to get together its pieces, because it always felt like I'm undertaking too much of different arts and crafts, and never focus on one, however after this seminar I feel like finding my way through all this. Crossing my fingers I'll be figuring it out soon.

anyways, lovely team, lovely conductor, pretty interesting subject! let's see what's to happen today!! I'll keep you posted :P (literally...)

p.s. I have something little special for you...soon!

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