Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Last year, when I, still, was at the fashion school, our textile design teacher, brought us a book to get inspired by, for our designs. It was full with antique patterns and designs for lace and fine crochet! As soon as the book reached my desk, I grabbed some crappy photos with my phone camera. Despite the low quality of them, I decided to share them here, because my adoration for those designs is indescribable!!

In my eyes those designs are so contemporary and original! When I look at them my mind is bursting with ideas! What do you think? Unfortunately I didn't keep a note of the book's name! Instead you can check this article on Irish lace
hope you like them!

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    Oh lala, πέρασε ο καιρός ε; Όπως θα ταν αναμενόμενο, έχουν γίνει άπειρα πράγματα από τον Οκτώβρη -που βλέπω εδώ ότι ανανέωσα για τελευτ...