Tuesday, April 30, 2013


life is good, and life is crazy.
Meanwhile our brother is the best.... not just because he helped us out, with our weekend market !


he is really cool, and he neverminds the cuteness!! (here he is with Renata from Renata Malavazou vintage)
And on top of his coolness, he also helped me to photograph our new series of hair combs!!! He is pretty awesome and, no jokes, he knows how to knit.

you'll find these combs and more, soon, on our etsy shop ;)

Friday, April 26, 2013

Cicada and thread

lately I've been crocheting with thread,
this amazing cicada ring is made by Smalltown girl and is one of my favorite, of all the time,
the cute biscuit is part of my friend Veronica gift from her trip to Tbilisi. I liked the colors in the morning light and shot them together....

wish you a happy weekend ^_^

Saturday, April 20, 2013

History Review: Cookham Erratics

So this is another post from the past.

It's about visiting a museum and some weird huge rocks of knitted material I found there.
It was last year, that we had a visit to Benaki Museum and you can't imagine the look on my face when I found myself surrounded by some speaking knit work! I gasped in amaze!

Among the ancient sculptures and finds, there were standing knitted rocks, as part of the exhibition of a foreigner artist. I run asking around like crazy, if I could grab some pictures and if any further piece of information for that super cool installation, could be found.

 The artist's name is Andy Holden , the work is called "Cookham Erratics" and it was made for the Benaki Museum,  in the video below you could learn some more things on his installation.

In the video, the artist, says that he was reading philosophy while knitting theses sculptures, and he is describing a theory on objects that is pretty interesting. As I read here: "Each different shape is based on stones collected by the artist from Cookham Church yard where Stanley Spencer painted The Resurrection, Cookham"

here's another video

What do you think?! I have seen knitted art pieces or knit work being a part of an artwork/installation but never before in an ancient museum. I believe it's really innovative and original, but also, the more cynical part of myself thinks, that's a sign that needle work is making a strong come back in our lives. In any way, it was nice and peaceful to walk around these rock replicas, hearing them mumbling...


Thursday, April 18, 2013

my way to-and from- Chalcis

Chalkida is the town I'll be moving to, after summer.
Here are some photos I shot, a while ago, on a trip by train.
I've been travelling to, and from it, the last two years, a lot.

 leaving Chalkida
Chalkida is on an island (a big one) but there are 2 bridges connecting it to mainland of Greece
 the new bridge
 a view of Chalkida

 more reflections

all above photos are from a single route...
and of course I enjoy crocheting while travelling... (actually that's the reason I choose train!)
Hoping that you didn't got completely bored with this crafts irrelevant post!

Monday, April 8, 2013


Double Crochets turned 2 years old, on March!! and we didn't even notice, wow!

Happy Birthday blog!! 

pssst! we are super busy....... .we'll let you know soon why! 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

our gift to Michaila

here are some photos from our Double Crochets' gift to Michaila, as an appreciation for her amazing illustration


    Oh lala, πέρασε ο καιρός ε; Όπως θα ταν αναμενόμενο, έχουν γίνει άπειρα πράγματα από τον Οκτώβρη -που βλέπω εδώ ότι ανανέωσα για τελευτ...