Thursday, June 23, 2011

KiP in Athens 2011

Last week on the 11th of June, there was the world wide Knit in Public Day that is being celebrated for a whole week! Anyone can host a KiP (knitting in public event) or participate in a local KiP. As long as there was no other event around, me and Panagiota, decided to organize a KiP event to celebrate the wwKiPDay and that was on Sunday. Some knit friends didn't make it to the event, mostly because of their hangover.. and all the members of our crochet club was decimated off the hotness and the last night's booze. Yet, we were actually 12 people, 9 out of whom did knit!! I know it's not such a success but we are super happy for it! hahaha

here are some photos Panagiota, Veronika and me shot:

 The park was pretty cool , although it was a hot day, and surprisingly enough the street noise couldn't reach us.  The best thing one could do was to walk on the grass barefoot and enjoy the sweet breeze, while Panagiota was teaching the basics of knitting and crocheting. As you can see there are 3 boys that learned how to knit! Cool ha? In my opinion they did pretty amazing... I'm very proud of everyone that learned how to knit that day.

me crocheting and my brother knitting

panagiota and manolis

elisavet and eleni

orestis' dedication...

It was pretty relaxing and funny, Manolis and Dimitris were the first to arrive, and refused to knit... or to learn how to knit, but they were there to amuse us with their first class jokes. Later on , Elisavet, Eleni, Dimitra, Marios and Christos joined me, Panagiota, Panagiotis, Orestis, Veronica, Manolis and Dimitris. We laughed, we chatted, we knitted, we crocheted, we ate Panagiota's homebaked cookies and shot some pictures. It was 6 in the afternoon when we finally decided that it was time to pack and leave the park, but then we had some visitors of the sweetest kind!! A shiny black cocker that wanted to check my progress and a little girl that wanted to learn how to crochet! hehehe

veronica holding a ball of yarn, matching with her nail color

me and Panagiota, proud organizers... ♥

So that was it! yeah! Next year, we promise to do it better, or  let's say... next week!? Yes, we did enjoy it and like everybody else we love picnics, too. don't you?

p.s. I forgot to shoot the progress of each ones knit work, but it doesn't matter. I couldn't post a million of photos anyway... Check some details on my flickr

marietta ♥

Monday, June 6, 2011

tattoo: polaroid edition

Hi there! Do you have a tattoo? I had my first one this week...  I was thinking about it in the last few years and it has been on my "new year resolution" list a few times! This week at last I cross it of my list! (don't you just love it when that happens?) I had my favorite Sx70 polaroid land camera, a spiral and a ball of yarn tattooed on my forearm. yeeeeei! ♥ So I will share with you some photos of my knitting and appliances related tattoo , and grab the situation to show you some really old stuff.

really old shit!

i love u  (2007)
don't go (2008)

my story with polaroids starts when I was a little kid. My father had bought a Polaroid 600 and we were playing with it all the time, but it got "too expensive and old" and nobody cared about it for the next 20 years! But when I was at the Photography school I heard of Samaras' polaroids and got super excited, I bought some film and searched for the old camera. I shot a lot! and then one day the Polaroid announces that their factories are shutting down...    mio dio!

my campaign to save polaroid

and then the impossible project arrived..
Everybody started "save polaroid" campaigns asking polaroid not to close! C'mmon we want our toys! There were of course fuji's instant films but they're not the same(love them too)! Anyway it seemed like nobody cared, and then... the impossible project guys arrived... and brought some new films. I bought some from the first flush to contribute, there were nice, although I think after that the whole thing got too commercialized and hype. But that fact didn't prevent me from loving polaroid. I asked my friend Nikos to make me a polaroid ring and he did! As one can tell, polaroid was part of my life, and for that I was considering having a tattoo...


my plans to have a polaroid tattoo.. 

perfectionista por excellencia 
tattoo time! 

happy me

and I did it!
what do you think of it? and if you have a tattoo, what is it?
considering of doing a yarn edition!
marietta ♥ 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Human Being Creative

Today I think I am starting a new posts series by introducing: "Human Being Creative". From time to time I will share stuff that insanely creative people make, preferable about crocheting, knitting, embroidery and sewing!

This post is about Penelopy from Fashion Architect that took part in a project named: "Kiehl’s Friends Create for a Cause" and she came with two creative tote's designs. The project has ecological purposes, as that for each bag the nine participants-artists created, there will be a donation of 100 euro to the realization of an ecological workshop for children living downtown.
 Penelopy is an architect and a well known fashion blogger, that chose sewing and embroidery for her creations.
(all photo credits goes to FashionArchitect blog)

                                                                     embroidery ...


and tadA! 

Imagine the lucky people that won one of those! 
Also, check the post of making of at Fashion Architect

lovely?! I am definitely in love!
marietta ♥


    Oh lala, πέρασε ο καιρός ε; Όπως θα ταν αναμενόμενο, έχουν γίνει άπειρα πράγματα από τον Οκτώβρη -που βλέπω εδώ ότι ανανέωσα για τελευτ...