Monday, May 13, 2013

Paper folding

Γεια χαρά!

on April I was lucky enough to attend the first part of a paper folding seminar at the Εργαστήρι Τέχνης at Chalkida *art laboratory it means* , and here are some photos!

There was a projection with origami and paper folding history, and contemporary artists who use paper. Georgia Gremouti, a contemporary artist herself and the sweetest person, conducted the workshop and taught us a lot! To be honest I am totally fascinated, and can't wait to learn more on the subject.

Νoteworthy were the lab facilities, so awesome that it felt pretty neat just to be there. I also met a lot of very interesting people, and that's good news, not just because Chalkida is the town I'll be living soon.

We all folded a lot of paper!!

there are so many ways to use this technique (above there is a handwritten letter, folded and painted, I sent to my koubara :P ) Can't wait to find more ways to use it.

You can have a look on this amazing video, I've seen some time ago, and now seems relevant:

Oh and that was what I wore that day: A skirt I made just before the seminar (hallo folded pleats over there!) and a crocheted blouse I also made...and probably will be making more for our Etsy shop.

Of course there are more...but I will divide the photos in two posts.
till the next post :) kisses

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