Saturday, November 2, 2013

So this is my blog

If you have been following Double Crochets for a while now, you already know that it's a blog, a brand and a team created by me and my sister, Panagiota. And you might already know that there are a lot of changes happening around here. Panagiota due to loads of work the whole past one and a half year, she didn't have the time to focus on Double Crochets, leaving me responsible around here. Now that we have both moved to different cities, living our lives, I had to decide what is do be done! Writing this post supposed to help me clarify/resolve the future and the purpose of this blog. We always worked very beautifully as a team and she is a lot more than the best model for photo shoots ever, but I have to move on and accept that things ought to change. To be honest, it's not easy, and I have no clue what Double Crochets' blog will be about in the years to come. 


I am not quite sure if I'm keeping the name, I know that if I don't intent to be "loyal" to crocheting and yarns and all..... the name "Double Crochets" will be truly misleading...! Don't get me started with how difficult rebranding is. But as Double Crochets have stated in the past:
...We both share the love for handmade, unique and special things that each and everyone has the power to create ... We really want to "spread the thread" of crocheting, knitting and craftmaking but mostly we want to share the love of creating and appreciating things that are made with love..
 I know that I will always love handmade and unique stuff. I know that I'll always enjoy creating stuff, and as far as the word "creation" includes design, drawing, photography, creating beautiful content, crocheting, sewing, knitting, collage, or even pulling together anything in order to make the world a little bit more creative, I will definitely want to be a
 creative person. 

And so this is my blog, 

           and my ideas, and my decisions and my space to express creativity.
Double Crochets is the name of my blog at the moment, and all I have to do asap is to feel comfortable and connected with it. :) Panagiota will always be my sister (I mean c'mmon!) and she will always have a home in my home, and a blog in my blog. But that's the day I decide that Double Crochets is me. :)
I am the curator, the designer and the person behind answering emails 
(*and also the one to miss the deadlines and to make mistakes and trying to accept that that's life!)

glad to meet you

See you around, with new content, new crochet projects, my new life and who knows what else!   
Marietta  (a half double crochet...


  1. I understand how you feel and yes, maybe in the future it would be good idea to change the name for another that defines more you and your way to express creativity, I will follow anyway :)

    Lluisa x

    1. Thank you so much!!!! And you're right on the blog's name!



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