Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Year's resolution: 2014

Happy New Year to everyone that reads Double Crochets' blog, and well... everybody else around the blog-o-sphere! Today I'll be sharing my New Year's Resolution for the 2014 and I'll be reviewing the last year's one.

  1. Blog more frequently, well this is over and over on my New Year's resolutions, but I truly love blogging, and I wish I could let myself free and just blog as I've dreamt of.
  2. Find my Voice, on both writing and sharing my creative content (with my own original way).
  3. Engage more in other social media. I've been in Facebook and in Pinterest a lot, but not that much in Twitter, and this year I've dumped Tumblr which I used to love. I am a visual type, and I spend a copious amount of time in media like Pinterest and Tumblr and I've gathered some really awesome images, I totally think I should get back to this hobby and share my finds here weekly! 
  4. To set up some weekly features at last! I love this feature in oh-so-may blogs, and I've tried in the past (1,2), but now I think I shall do it weekly. (maybe with some internet finds from #3 goal?)
  5. Keep up with the Etsy shop, and update it with products that really reflect my aesthetic and my style, regularly!
  6. Take more photos.
  7. Read more books.
  8. Watch even more videos of inspirational talks and try to also help people in everyday life. 
  9. Crochet more things for me and my home!
  10. Stop procrastinating!!!

^_^ I am really happy with this year's resolution! I think it's a realistic plan that I can follow through.

And here is my review from last year's resolution:  
  1. CHECK Be a better blogger (will need: planning ahead, read more blogs, document more,shoot more photos, writing down, or sketching (why not), a journal for keeping track of the blog posts)  I'm far from being a good blogger, but I am definitely a better blogger than last year, I've planned, wrote, posted more posts than ever and I've been reading a lot of old and new blogs I follow. 
  2. CHECK Keep collaborating and connecting with people who share the same passions!  I've connected with oh so much more bloggers and crocheters/crafters than last year, I'm also proud of myself for collaborated in 6 giveaways, and got a liebster award!
  3. CHECK Set up an online shop (yes I'm putting this again!)  did it!!
  4. CHECK Never stop crafting and learning new things!  Definitely crossing this over! I've got my diploma in Fashion design and pattern making in 2013 and attended two paper folding seminars, while I've started taking classes at Eric Robbert-Chalkis jewellery School! Oh, I believe the countless webminars and inspirational talk videos I've watched online count also, right?
  5. CHECK Be thankful to people who support us (thank you people who support us!!!) There is not enough "thank you"s I could say to everybody that supports me and Double Crochets!! THANK YOU!
  6. CHECK Stay united, no matter how far we may be next year!  Panagiota+Marietta=DCs for ever!
  7. Manage to develop both and each of us, her own unique style on Double Crochets' products. Needs work!
  8. Organise our studio, our craft supplies and our stash.Will never happen! hahaha our stash and stuff are all over 3 different cities..
    1. CHECK Do a blog makeover, develop new packaging and bring new, fresh air on Double Crochets online. Yeap did a blog makeover, but would love one more!
    2. CHECK Stay happy ,free and creative!!! Oh-ho yes!!! but need more, bring it on! ❤。◕‿ ◕。✎

    One thing I've learnt and embedded this year is to take nothing for granted! Every situation can change, and all we can do, apart from just watching is documenting and building solid memories and being thankful to God for them. Life's moving fast, that's why keeping a diary and taking more photos is on my personal resolution list!

    so what's on your Resolution list this year?! Please share!
    Happy New Year!


    1. I hope God will grant what you desire. happy new year

    2. Happy new year to you too!!!
      I like your new year's resolution. Have you ever visited Instagram, I have a profile there and I love it. Maybe it would be worth it to have a look?

      Have a nice week!

      Lluisa x

      1. Hello! ^_^ nice to hearing from you!
        I love instagram but I don't own a smartphone and therefor I don't have an instagram account!! but I'll check yours

        have a nice week , too!

    3. Happy New Year! Every year I have, more or less, the same resolutions. I think yours are a perfect fit for me this year. Congratulations on accomplishing the majority of last year's goals. Good luck with 2014! :-)

      1. Thank you!!! yes I was happy to accomplish them , too! What about your last year's ones?!
        Oh., and I can lend you mine list for this year hahahah

    4. Congrats on accomplishing most of last years goals.
      Love the photos on this blog, they are stunning : )

      1. Hallo and thank you very much!!! I'm off to check your blog!

    5. Welldone for accomplishing most of your last year's targets! I never do a resolution list but one thing I would wish for is to open my eyes and heart to different people. Beautiful photos!

      1. I absolutely love your wish! It's something that we all definitely should do!
        thank you ^_^

    6. These are really nice and achievable resolutions c:
      Nice job with accomplishing the last year ones! Xx

      1. Thank you! ;) I'm also proud of myself!! Isn't it the best feeling crossing over things from your list!?

    7. A beautiful list of beautiful things to do!! Hope next year we all make a big hurray!! for you accomplishing them!



        Oh lala, πέρασε ο καιρός ε; Όπως θα ταν αναμενόμενο, έχουν γίνει άπειρα πράγματα από τον Οκτώβρη -που βλέπω εδώ ότι ανανέωσα για τελευτ...